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02:47 Sunday 16 June

2024 Local Housing Market Update

Exciting! 2024 is promising to be a much better year than 2023 for the local housing market. As time rolls on, 2023 will be viewed as a tumultuous year with raging inflation, climbing interest rates and mortgage uncertainty; none of which results in a favourable housing market!

However, as day follows night the sign of calm are reappearing. Mortgage lenders fearing the worst, overpriced available rates and these are now steadily failing with competition between jostling lenders for your business. Inflation appears to be under control which helps with confidence, the job market is secure with positions hard to fill and possibly most importantly the amount of property for sale is too low. All of which constitute the ingredients for a better year for those wanting to move!

Now this is where you come in; we need your property to sell. How can we help you realise that dream move you have been thinking about?

Worried about inconvenience? Don’t be, we will undertake all viewings and minimise stress. Worried about the costs of moving? It may be less than you think and we can offer free property valuations and mortgage advice to help. Not sure where to start? Just call or come into the office and we will help you plan ahead.

This is my 22nd year of property sales in and around Cheam and there isn’t much I haven’t seen or sold. Let us help you.

Adrian Macleay-Wood

Senior Branch Manager

Williams Harlow Cheam. 020 8642 5316